A Sales Force Divided Can Stand

Aug 29

This post is re-published with permission from the author, Josh Lowry.  The original post appears here. Delivering consistent and predictable revenue involves creating a repeatable and scalable sales model. To accelerate revenue growth and selling performance, a sales model must be segmented into separate workloads. As a general rule, when sellers spend more than 20% […]

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sales funnel

Closing the gap between Demand Generation and Qualified Prospects

Aug 10

If you are in the business of generating leads through the web for your product or service, you know full well that a good percentage of your inbound leads are by no means ready to buy, or even consider buying, your solution.  That doesn’t mean they won’t be at some point, just not yet. As […]

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virtual salesforce

5 reasons to hire a virtual sales force

Mar 17

You’ve got your business together and are ready to “go to market”. As a business owner, you are going to make sales calls yourself but know you’ll probably only hit 1% of the available market, if that. Your frustrated because you want to sell at scale but don’t have the financial resources to hire a […]

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How good appointment setters warm up prospects

Nov 19

Appointment setters do one thing, and one thing well: they take static data and bring it to life. By being relentlessly focused on a single task – calling down through lists of target customers for your business – they are able to quickly weed out the junk from the gold. It doesn’t matter what format […]

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Quality appointments: 5 key criteria for appointment setters

Nov 15

The definition of the term “appointment setting” has changed over the years.  20 years ago, before the age of the internet, an appointment in sales terminology usually meant a physical, face to face meeting, or for fans of Glengarry Glen Ross, a “sit”.  Appointments were set directly by sales representatives off of cold calls, or […]

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You’ve got leads – now what?

Nov 7

You’ve successfully launched an online marketing campaign to promote your product/service and generate leads via your blog, social media, whitepaper marketing, organic search, and PPC.  Leads are flowing and your CRM’s leads application is bursting at the seams with data.  Congratulations! Now the hard work begins – how can you take these static pieces of […]

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Leads slipping through the cracks?

Introducing Repfolio

Oct 15

We are glad you found us! Let’s start by giving you a quick overview of what Repfolio is, how it works, and why you need it. Let’s say you are a b2b software company, using a SaaS model.  Your revenue is based on subscriptions you get from customers who find you online through organic search, […]

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